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chest pain

  1. M

    How can I stop the pains?

    Hey, I need some advice. I can't go to a professional right now, and I was curious ans a little desperate if i'm being honest. Been dealing with a lot of back pains, shoulders pain, chest pains(to the point I have to stay put until it goes away), headaches, tingly felling on my feets and head...
  2. G

    Convinced that there is something wrong with my breathing

    I woke up about a week ago feeling like the air in my left nostril was blocked and the entire left side of my face was numb. I started using a neti pot but it has not helped anything. I was bothered by this and it has gotten increasingly worse. I am obsessed with my breathing and have gone...
  3. P

    Chest pains

    Hello, everyone, I hope you're all doing well. i just wanted to see if I could get some advice. i'm a 23yo female with no health issue that i know of rn, dont smoke and drink etc i've been having chest pain for over a week now, they vary in location but mainly in the middle of my chest and...
  4. S

    Chest Pain but im 16 with anxiety whats wrong?

    Over a year ago I got diagnosed with panic disorder, GAD, and hypochondria. Im 16 now and ive had symptoms ranging from headaches, or what i thought were brain tumors, to kidney pain because kidney cancer is always an option of course. Those have all scared me in the past and have really...
  5. Jennycard

    Please help afraid of aneurysms and heart issues

    I’m 24 and feeling extremely anxious about heart failure or having a ruptured brain aneurysm. I’ve already had a $300 dollar head CT scan done 1 week ago and it checked out fine! Yet every time I get a headache/migraine, my mind goes to the worst. I start googling and googling. The minute I feel...
  6. B

    Anxiety creating problems creating more anxiety? (health)

    Wife has kidney stone operation mid Jan. Next night I'm in the ER thinking I'm having a heart attack. I was fine, nothing out of the ordinary, walked down stairs, got tight in the chest, starting feeling dizzy. Legs felt kind of weak. Face around nose and jaw started tingling. I started gasping...