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anxiety pain

  1. M

    How can I stop the pains?

    Hey, I need some advice. I can't go to a professional right now, and I was curious ans a little desperate if i'm being honest. Been dealing with a lot of back pains, shoulders pain, chest pains(to the point I have to stay put until it goes away), headaches, tingly felling on my feets and head...
  2. J

    constantly worrying about heart!!!

    I'm 17 and for the last 2 years I've been living very unhealthy. Smoked cigarettes, drunk lots of coffe, didn't eat breakfast, used to get drunk, smoked weed... I also had a lot social problems with friends, guy I really loved used to use me, had a lot of mental breakdowns, besides that I was...
  3. Grace360

    Why, morning fatigue: trilogy of complaints

    I wake up and feel like my body wants to go back to sleep. I heard that's a symptom of depression. That plus my shortness of breath and all this other stuff. Aches and pains in random places. All of it doesn't feel good together, quite frankly. I wanted to enjoy the day today. Go have a picnic...
  4. D

    Chronic Anxiety Pain and Health Anxiety

    Hello everyone, I am new here. I developed an anxiety disorder just a few months ago and it's been pretty hard. Since the anxiety has started, I've also been experiencing pain that I never used to have, so I assume it's symptoms from the anxiety. I've looked into it and I'm pretty convinced I...