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Should I message Ryan Reynyolds and, the cast of spirited about my story and, why the movie means so much to me ?


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Nov 20, 2022
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So, I've been dealing with anxiety pains for 3 months if you guys haven't seen my post but, the pain really hurts and, it just sucks to deal with but, a while back I heard about this movie called spirited a Christmas carol musical and, watched it last Friday and, it was a pretty fun Christmas movie. What's getting me now was that I was listening to one of the songs called "do a little good" and, I cried listening to it for some reason just to realize that the movie and, the soundtrack is really helping me out through my time of pain so I dunno should I tell Ryan Reynolds and, the spirited cast on Twitter or some online site I dunno if something "cool" will happen but, I just want people to know my story and, that some other people are feeling the same way. So, what do you guys think?