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Scared of Amobea,water in nose


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Oct 26, 2023
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So I was drinking water straight from the tap,it should be treated,as it's Prague municipal water,and I got it in my nose, somehow,as I was bent forwards drink it. So basically as I was drinking,I felt some water get on my nose and also inside my nostril. And so I am freaking out, because you can't use neti pots with unboiled tap water,so if it got in my nose and it was not boiled,it is kind of like neti pots,no? And using neti pots like that is dangerous,I read. I am just scared about some bacteria or amobea like n.fowleri. But it was treated(because it is the city municipal water) and the weather is cold ,so it should be all good,no?.But yet,I am still anxious.