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  1. J

    Anxiety or seizure signs?

    ive been on escotalopram 20mg for nearly 6 months now. back story is i never noticed i had anxiety until one incident pushed me over the edge and threw my chemicals off according to the doctor. on a regular basis this medication helps with anxiety. i still live daily with the tingles and anxious...
  2. K

    Allergic Reaction or Side Effect to Lexapro?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum but am hoping this great group of people who know what I'm going through can provide some comfort or relief. I have had anxiety for several years, but since having a child, my postpartum anxiety has focused around health related issues (cramping in legs and...
  3. S

    Generalized anxiety

    Hi, I came across this forum today and felt it may be helpful to talk to others who deal with anxiety. I've had depression since I was a pre-teen, but anxiety is something that began in the last few years. I've recently found out my dad has had an issue with social anxiety and two of his...