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  1. JohnM

    Terrified of Concussion

    So, about five days ago I hit my the back of head on a metal bookshelf, and since then I seem to be obsessing about “symptoms” that make me terrified I’m dying of an undetected concussion. Twice it seems like lights have gotten suddenly brighter, there are moments when I think I might be dizzy...
  2. B

    Balance issues: anxiety or head issue?

    Hi all! So, I hit the back of my head fairly hard back in November. I have had about 4 concussions prior to this hit (soccer player) so after the hit, I diagnosed myself with a concussion. The only thing different from all my other concussions is that this most recent hit knocked my balance...
  3. CatsAndCoffee

    Three months after a concussion(?), and my head randomly hurts/feels weird again?

    So, I got in a car accident almost 3 months ago. I wasn't wearing a seat belt, and flew into the dash. It was a very bad crash and a very hard hit. I'm not entirely sure what hit me, but something slammed at full force into my left temple (I'm assuming it had to have been the rear-view mirror)...