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Why is my skin pale?


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Oct 20, 2020
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I began suffering with tension two years ago, after my addiction to pornography for years, I used to come up with strange ideas that my face would change for the worse. I began to experience strong panic attacks. My face became very pale, which increased my fear. I started having a strange feeling in my face, muscle spasms
I began to fear that the spasm of the facial muscles would cause the skin to pale, and I began to fear that this feeling came again, but it did not stop. After a period of searching on the Internet, I found that the reason for my paleness is due to the temporary high blood pressure that leads to poor circulation, but I still fear that the spasm of the facial muscles causes pallor because I have read some of the topics about this thing. Please help me. This thinking sounds stupid but it scares me. Sorry for my bad English


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Apr 14, 2019
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So are you blaming all of this on the porn? Watching it would make your blood pressure go up?

Once you get an idea in your head, and you have anxiety, that idea may begin to take hold. As in you might think you feel symptoms of what you thought would happen to you. That does not mean it is what you thought. That simply means your mind is creating the symptoms. Because you are telling it what you expect to happen.

If you seriously think you have anything wrong with you, in the medical sense, a doctor would be the suggestion. Few tests. Probably find out there is nothing wrong with you at all. But it is still worth having done. Just to rule medical things out. Once you do that, you know it is anxiety.