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What do you do for work?


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Jul 28, 2018
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Indeed! It definitely helps in terms of child care, that stuff is crazy expensive! Our youngest will be 6 in Sept, starts school in Aug. But it's been freaking awesome being home every day with her for the past ~2 1/2 years. We really enjoy that time, even though I'm working. But now she's excited about school, and I'm excited for her. :)
So sweet. :) My little boy is really extroverted and high energy, and my job is meeting-intensive. So we did the childcare thing until he was in school, but he always LOVED it, so I never felt bad about it. He's home with me in the summers now, and bored out of his mind. Hahahaha

Today I cleaned my house and then worked in the garden with my hubby a bit. Going on a family bike ride now. Trying to stay sane. :)


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Apr 2, 2020
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Just thought I'd ask what everyone does for work?
The wife and myself run a commercial cleaning company together.
We work together everyday part time hours and love the time being together.
am on disability now but was a medical technologist for University of Nebraska Medical Center. Did research on bone marrow and pancreatic cell transplants. loved it.


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Nov 11, 2019
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I'm a scientist working in biomedical devices. My company's been in the news quite a bit recently because we make one of the COVID qRT-PCR tests, but the areas I work in have to do with glass chips for testing tons of different types of genetic information. More than the DNA you inherit from your parents, there's also how DNA in healthy cells changes in cancer, how it gets "marked up" like a highlighter in a study book during your life, and the messages that pass between the nucleus of your cells and the places where proteins are made that make cells special in their jobs in your body.
My job has to do with developing tests for those chips after we make them that prove they are ready for sale (Quality Control). I develop those tests, and teach them to the people in the factory who do them routinely. I also help other scientists in the parts of the company that answer questions when customers are trying to figure out how to use the chips in their research, and how to figure out what went wrong when we discover a problem with the chips we're making.
Its amazing work, and I've been fortunate to be doing it for the same company - kind of - since 1997. I say kind of because the chip making part of the company used to be an independent business, and we got bought in 2016 by a gigantic company that makes all kinds of laboratory devices, tests, and services.
I'm also fortunate, because the Human Resources departments and "company culture" of the original company and the one that bought us are very well educated in mental health, and have accommodations for when people get into trouble. Not just with anxiety or depression, but even with chemical dependency, domestic violence, or dealing with those things within your family. Its a tremendous relief to me that I don't need to keep my issues with anxiety and depression a secret, or worry that they'll affect my employment status.


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Nov 9, 2019
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I am a Supervisor of Flight Coordination at a private charter company.

Pretty much a manager of dispatch.