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I tried to post this early this morning but the internet kept timing out. So I saved it and am posting it now :). This is about my walk yesterday and how it made me feel.

Today I was in a lazy mood and as the day went on and after I had my coffee I got ready for the day. After I was reading I messaged my friend and we did 2 1/2 laps of walking at the walking trail by my house. I drove to it which seems silly but driving there is nice because then I can focus all my energy on the track. The walking track itself is just a walking trail that is a circle. Lots of trees, bushes, grass, some tables with built in chess boards (Need to bring your own pieces) and benches. There also is a splash pad which families use in the summer for free, its a place where people can get cooled off, sort of like a fun sprinkler like system.

One of my therapy goals was to get fresh air and I did it. Our walk took 32 minutes. When I got there I felt great because I wanted this walk and afterwards I felt even better knowing I did more then 1 lap around. Sundays may not be busy days at the walking trail as I noticed just 1 person with a dog and later a couple. Sometimes I avoid going there if I noticed 3 cars or more in the parking area. Again silly but my anxiety does that to me

I have heard it many times from health professionals that walking is a great form of exercise to make one feel better and a good start to losing or maintain weight. I sort of go through spurts there where I walk a lot then start to give up on it So do you use walking as a way to help your stress, anxiety or depression? I think it is great and free so even better. Don't need a gym membership to take a nice walk.

I just wanted to add I took another walk this morning! So that is 2 in a row now. This walk was shorter though 22 minutes and 2 laps. One reason why I did not stay for the 3rd was because all the sudden there was a large group of people walking and my anxiety got the best of me so I finished the 2nd lap then left. I a glad I got outside and my headache seemed to go away after that nice walk.


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I've been meaning to start walking as a form of therapy since like forever, but I never get around to it (as seems to happen with most things in my life nowadays). I don't like walking tracks though, I'll just take a stroll around the neighborhood. I like walking in the city, there's always so much to see. Not directly downtown though, too much traffic and too many people.

Your post has inspired me to try and think of this seriously again, maybe I'll finally get around to it and post about it here  :)


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I enjoy a good walk when I'm stressed out, it calms me down.  I think walking clears the mind so that it allows you to focus on what you need to do to fix your problems and achieve your goals.  I try to walk at least thirty minutes a day but sometimes I don't and I always feel off on those days.  The best part of walking is that you can do it almost any where and almost anytime.


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That's good that you're going out.  I try to, but I'm not always motivated to get out of the house.  I think after I finish this post I'll go on a walk around the block.  It's nice that you have a walking trail.  It sounds lovely.  Are the trees changing colors where you are?  It might be fun to keep a nature journal and record what you see when you get home from your walk.  Around my neighborhood, the highlight is looking at the architecture and the gardens that people have.  Keep going out and walking!
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I was going to walk today but instead vented to my friend about my first day at my job. It was a rough day for me so I had to vent and because of that I lost all motivation to walk. But we only got to chat for 40 minutes then I had my therapy appt. My therapist did say today in study she read that breathing in recycled air as they call it or stale air all the time is bad. I am going to keep walking though a nature journal sounds cool. I live in Canada so fall is quite beautiful this time of year.