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Discussion in 'Medication' started by janemariesayed, May 4, 2017.

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    So the other day I was at a really low ebb. It seemed like I can't get therapy anywhere and I felt that God just doesn't want me to get help. Like I am supposed to suffer all my life to please some higher intelligence who hates me.

    So I phoned the crisis team and told them if I could find a home for my dogs then it's bye bye Jane. That got them all moving pretty sharpish. They phoned around everyone I've been trying to get therapy with and came to see me. They sent me a taxi which they paid for and took me to see a mental doctor. Yes, she must have been mad of sorts! (only joking)

    But, hear this, how is this for irony? I spoke with a lady on the phone about my fear of immigrants and the attempt to kill me in Egypt and what happened and how scared I am with all that is going on about that at this time. The lady suggested that I tell the mental health doctor about it so I agreed as it has gone towards my PTSD. So the taxi picked me up and took me to see this doc.

    OMFG! She was only a Muslim!!! What the F could I say? How could I tell a Muslim about my fear of Muslims? It really freaked me out and I thought, oh yep, this is going to be tara Jane tonight. BUT! She was as sweet as pie and brought up the subject herself. She was really easy to talk to, and as she was from the middle east (from Saudi) she understood all about the Muslim Brotherhood, she understood about having to go through the camp at Tahrir Square in Cairo, she understood the problems with my ex-hubs and how they think of us westerners. Wow! It was meant to be.

    All that time I have avoided talking to Muslims because of the murder attempts while I was over there was totally wrong. She was the best person to talk to.

    Then her boss came in to join us and listen in. He was a Muslim too and understood what I went through. So yesterday was a really positive day for me. I learn that sometimes we have to face the fear head on.

    They have given me a low dose 2mg valium and a low dose Prozac 20mg, because they considered me as a high riskWhat can I expect guys & gals? Anyone have any experience of these?
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    Prozac is an ssri so , if you've had a bad experience before with an ssri then expect the same from Prozac. And of course Valium is pretty good it will take the edge off like ativan. So I like valium, you probably will too. Congratulations on facing your fear and doing it successfully. I can't tell you how many times i'm felt forsaken. I mean, why do any of us suffer? As a Christian women. . I believe that the good people tend to suffer more. Like a test from God. I want to know though, do you think you can let that fear go now? I had food poisoning recently and it substantially increased my anxiety. How about you? Does your anxiety increase during illness?
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    This is my first time for taking meds. I was given Sertraline before but took them haphazardly because I don't remember to take pills every day. I saved them up instead to take all at once if I felt like it. :rolleyes: I know that was naughty of me but I did come clean with the docs and told them. They ended up confiscating them and gave me these ones and only ones weeks supply rather than a month.

    Knowing how you worry about your health I understand how having food poisoning must have scared you. I'm glad you are okay now. Watch what you eat! Make sure you sniff it first and eat as fresh a food as you can then you should be okay. I tend to blank out any possible illnesses. I have so much in the way of mental problems that I can't begin to think about physical illnesses. I ignore them.

    I had an itchy mole (still have it too) recently. I looked it up and found that the worst possible scenario it could be skin cancer. I just thought to myself 'oh well, if it kills me so be it, God's will be done'. I wondered how to tell my brother and what would happen with my dogs and vowed to ask the doctor when I next saw him. I had to write it on my hand so I didn't forget to mention it to him. When I told him I said 'I have an itchy mole, please look at it and tell me its okay so I don't have to think about it'. He looked at it and told me it was a wart. So no worry or concern there.

    It made me a little anxious, but mostly for my dogs. The dog in my avatar (Loopyloo) will be 8 this year, and I want to live longer than her. She's been with me since a pup and I've nursed her through some severe problems. She is my baby and she loves me heaps. She chose me before her eyes were open. When I went to choose a pup amongst the litter I chose a boy and named him Scooby. But it was Loopy who was following me around, crawling on her belly following my voice wherever it went. So she chose me and we have been very close over these years we have been together. She keeps me in the life so she would be devastated and find it difficult to adjust with a new owner. I know because when I returned to the UK from Egypt I had to get a roof over our heads. So her and my other dog Sasha, now passed, had to wait in Egypt for three months to do their quarantine which gave me time to find a place to live. They stayed in the flat below the one we were living and they both kept looking up to see if I was there. I wasn't of course, I was 2K miles away in the northern hemisphere. I would phone them up and talk to them on the phone frequently and they knew my voice on the phone and their reaction told me they knew who it was. So if I was sick to the point I knew it would finish me, I would be very sad and anxious for her and my new puppy.
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    Yikes . Zoloft. I hated zoloft. It really messed me up and by the way.... you can kill yourself taking a high dosage of ssri. That's why they took them away from you. I wish they had a shot that they could give that would provide a monthly treatment. That way there would be no remembering and no worries. But, I bet it would be expensive too. Lol. I have a dog named bambam that i've had for 13 years. I can't have any children so bam bam is my son pretty much. That boy is my world. It's really going to put me in a constant panic state after he's gone. I can't live without him . I love him so much. He chose me. So, I know what you mean when you mention how loopy chose you. It's like it was meant to to be. He has done wonders for my anxiety and depression. When I feel sad , he can sense it, he comes over to me and licks my face and lays his head in my lap . It's like he has a gift . He knows just what to do when I feel anxious. After he's gone, how can I live without that? Why did Egypt have a quarantine?
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    Yeah, a shot once a month would be a brilliant idea. No chance to forget to take a dose and no chance to overdose either.

    Oh sorry that you can't have children. I totally understand how that feels! I could get pregnant, and I did many times, but I couldn't carry any of my babies full term. So like you, my dogs are my babies. I'm not looking forward to losing Loopyloo, I think I love her a bit too much.

    I found out yesterday that she is not 7 and 8 in June, but she is 6 at the moment and will be 7 in June, so I am really made up finding out that. It is like I've been given an extra year with her! :D

    I have two dogs, so they can play together, but also when the older one passes, I still have one that needs my attention. Getting a pup never ever replaces the one that has passed, but it does help. When Sasha died I was broken to pieces. She wasn't overly affectionate and I was surprised to find how much I loved her and relied on her. She was sensible and caring and I miss her heaps. If I was to stand on a chair for any reason, like change a light bulb, she would worry and show that she was worried for me. Now I don't have that it feels like I have to be the sensible one and I feel I have to be all grown up. Loopy and Carl are babies and I wish Sasha was here to care for us all still. She was the Mom in our pack, despite me being the alpha, she was the Mom. Laughing at me when I was silly, helping me find things that I lost, and worrying about me when I was doing anything risky. Oh, Golly, I miss that girl. She even had pups and gave me the wonderful experience of birth by having four pups!

    When your Bam Bam goes over the rainbow bridge, my advice would be to go and get a 10 session 'how to cope' therapy. And do what they say religiously every day. Also, to get another pup ASAP. The new pup won't replace Bam Bam but it will certainly help to take your mind off him a bit. God willing he will live for a very long time yet. How old is he now and what breed is he?

    It is the UK that has the quarantine. If I was to bring them back here without doing it in Egypt, they would have to go into and English quarantine for 6 months. So it was best that they did it out there as it was only half the time. It gave me time as well to find somewhere to live and sort out the home. I had to get new beds and everything so it was best that way.

    Don't think or worry about Bam Bam passing and how you will cope without him. live in the moment, like they do and enjoy each moment he is still here with you. And when that time does eventually come, you can come on here and tell us how you are feeling, you know we are here to give you loving support.
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    My boy has been with me for 12 years. Yep. 12 years. He is a pit bull. Don't believe everything you hear about pit bulls. They are wonderful dogs. But, like any other dog if you raise it to be mean... they will be. I heard they banned paroxetine in the uk. Is that true?
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    Screenshot_2017-05-06-18-19-22-1.png I misunderstood the article. Lol but, here's my source.
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    I don't know if it is banned in the UK or not. Pill taking is a new thing to me! So far I have been taking a prozac pill, and it seems to be okay. I've had a couple of headaches but I don't know if that is the prozac, valium or just because my head decided to ache!
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    Prozac. ... it's the prozac. It's great at causing headaches.
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    Valium: Just fine.
    Prozac: Ummmmm.... NOT for me. Maybe okay for you, but it only heightened my anxiety. Okay, I'll just tell the truth. I went insane on Prozac. In a matter of only 24 hours. Even saw some psychedelic stuff along the way, but let's not get into that right now. I don't want to scare you away from a med. The Valium will just relax you, rest assured. I can't say what the Prozac will do. But if you feel weird, STOP TAKING IT. I finally felt better once I threw it up. My body wanted nothing to do with that medication. But hey, that's just me. You could have a totally different make-up. I wasn't depressed to begin with. Just scared. I only have anxiety, never depression. My doctor can't understand how I'm surprisingly upbeat for all the crap I've been through. :joyful:o_O
    Good Luck, always be careful with new meds. :)
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    Natasha. I am so with you on the prozac. Prozac to me was kinda like zoloft. It made me agitated and kept me dizzy and also kept me constipated. The sun was too hot and the winter was too cold. I couldn't hear music because I simply didn't have the mentality to enjoy anything. The ability to take a shower ... nope. Everytime I hoped in the shower I would get a drowning sensation and I could only take very short baths. The doctor told me" keep taking it, let it get into your system. I did. And for six months nothing g changed . After I weand myself off of it.. (1 of the hardest things that I ever done by the way) . Its funny how I started to feel a little better with time. I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER ANTI DEPRESSANT AGAIN.
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    The prozac doesn't seem to be having any side effects at all. I've not even had any more headaches. The valium they are reducing the amount they give me so they are just short term. Now you know I'm not used to taking pills at all, it's not been my thing, but the valium are really, really nice so it may just be a good idea that they are only going to be giving me them short term.

    The prozac will take longer to start working, does anyone know how long they will take? I've been having dreams but I'm not remembering them. The flashbacks seem to have reduced to mini flashes as well so I'm not sure if that is because of the prozac or the valium?

    I don't even know if it's a heavy dose, I don't think so, it is only 20mg the prozac, and the valium is only 2mg. I think they are small doses so maybe that is why I'm not having the same side effects as you guys, or maybe my body make up is okay. The sertraline gave me the shakes and made me grind my teeth but the prozac feels like I'm not really on anything at all.
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  13. Concernedgal

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    Supposed to be 3to 6 months.
  14. Hello, beautiful ladies ! I've read everything you were sharing through to the end on this thread. I sensed kindness, gentleness and goodness in you all, with the way you treat your animal-friends with such tenderness. I'm sure your are the same with people. This is how I feel about you and I'm not engaging in any form of flattery.

    About anti-depressants I feel strongly about avoiding them at all cost, even paracetamols of any sort. I do get anxious sometimes. But I'm deliberate in finding ways to dwell in my mind on things to find relief and comfort. I try dancing on happy upbeat music, which my favorite one in "Happy" :).

    Reading and writing help me tremendously as stress-freeing sort of therapy.

    I take regular doses of Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate. It's non-toxic. It only gives me rumblings in my tummy and trips to the bathroom more than once. :);)

    Thanks for your transparency. I do wish you all well and much love wherever you are.
  15. Concernedgal

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    Beautiful ladies.. I like that. One thing that I do is write. Writing down my feelings here and in a diary are essential for my anxiety issues. Although you call me kind I guess I just wish that I was a little cut throat sometimes. I suppose part of my problems stem from me not having the ability to stand up for myself. I'm like a spineless person or something. Or maybe I expect too much of myself I don't know. Why do people take advantage of kindness? And why does that give them the right to treat us less because of it. Sorry.... I had a bad day.:oops:
  16. Jonathan Maxwell

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    Valium will have a more immediate effect to calm you down, but prozac will take a bit of time to have an effect (weeks). Monitor yourself for any increase in suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self harm. Above all, stay in contact with those trying to help you. You will get through this, but you will need the help of healthcare professionals.

    Be Well,
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    Thankyou @Jonathan Maxwell I am keeping in touch with my team. Although the crisis team have now given my case closure, they are there for me if I need to get in touch with them for any reason. I do struggle with suicide thoughts, but am not suicidal, if that makes sense! Apparently, the UK are stopping giving out valium now, and I've been given the last of them. I still have a few in my cupboard but I'm saving them for when I'm feeling anxious.

    I read up the prozac side effects leaflet and it seems that dark thoughts come to younger people more than my age. I'm keeping a good check on myself.

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