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toothache (kind of)


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Sep 6, 2020
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had a bit of a tooth thing today. not a toothache as such because it wasnt actually painful, it was just i could really FEEL my tooth there, like the root was throbbing a bit. its one of the top ones right before my molars and has bothered me on and off my whole life - i remember getting my first filling for it when i was ten - but this time it also radiated out to my very back top molar, which is something i dont think its done before. i've also been feeling a little woozy today, and the ever-creative health anxiety bit of my mind decided that this toothy sensation was actually an infection that has reached my brain and is doing something awful like slowly paralysing me or something. i know thats quite nonsensical, so im not massively worried, but i could really do with someone telling me that i'm being ridiculous, so please feel free to do so!
im also refraining from googling symptoms, because i'll inevitably convince myself i have meningitis or something, but me telling my mum about this reminded her to book us dentists appointments, so im getting it checked out soon anyway. also, my teeth get actually painful instead of just throbby when i lean forward or back, which my mum said was indicative of sinus issues (we have a lot of those in our family, lol). also i swilled my mouth out with salt water, which did help, though that might be placebo.
either way, please do tell me that i dont have a tooth-to-brain disease that will make me go blind or whatever, it really helps to hear other people talk sense!


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Nov 5, 2019
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Totally irrational Gummy. Of course I know how our brains work causing us to freak out about the stupidest things (no offence meant). Your mum’s explanation sounds right on. Plus, since you’ve had that tooth filled in the past, and no doubt had tooth xrays in the past, they would have seen any concerning issues.

Remember..dog bites man is common. Man bites dog rarely ever happens, but no doubt that’s what you’ll think about all day!