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The right therapy

Nov 20, 2016
I have two people in my life who have anxiety and depression issues, a cousin and a friend, and their social integration is something entirely different, even if I believe that their condition is pretty much equivalent.

This to say that I think that the right therapy can work miracles on people suffering from anxiety. A therapy that promotes social integration instead of intense medication. If we go through the social way, the person ends up slowly healing while medication just causes stagnation.

What's your opinion?
Aug 31, 2016
Throwing people right into the very thing that they think is their dilemma may, in their mind be the worse thing that can happen. In all seriousness, though, I totally see your point. The best way to deal with a phobia of spiders, for example, is to have one put in your hand and let it crawl all over you. :eek: If we fall off a horse, the best thing to do is to get up on it straight away again. If we are in a car accident, the best thing is to get back in front of the wheel as soon as possible. It is the best cure.

However, I think that, taking my own social anxiety for an example. At the moment it would make me feel worse. What I need is a therapy which will get to the root of why I actually feel socially anxious. I think it is because of how I had to live in Egypt. I have been programmed to think, for 9 years that if I am seen outside, then I am a harlot. Of course, I consciously know that this isn't the case, but I have had it drummed into me that I am the devil. I am the devil because I am a woman and because I am not a muslim. Now I'm back in the UK and I've changed. I'm different. I think that my social anxiety has something to do with that. So in my case, with therapy, I could come back to be more socially adaptable and start to think different.

I don't agree with pills either. Chemicals aren't good for us and they just suppress our feelings. When I am ready, I will ask my therapist to help me out with meeting people. I know that there is a group in my area of likeminded people who have dogs. They all meet up once a week in a park with their dogs and go walking. I'm not quite ready to join it yet. Even though it is on my mind, and I am looking forward to joining them when I am ready to start socialising again.
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