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Summer "brain tumor" story

Jan 11, 2019
So here is a story of a health issue I had in the past:

Three years ago on a monday morning in August I woke up with this very intense headache that scared me almost to death. My mom rushed me to the ER. They did tests to see if I had a stroke and thankfully I didn't. I was esp. scared because I don't ever get headaches, not even little ones. I had lots of problems with fear, but it seemed to have always hit everywhere else BUT my head. They gave me some pain medicine thru IV in the hospital but then released me like '**** off, we don't really care!'

Now back at home the pain meds wear off and the headaches come back again even worse, and I think I am literally dying of a brain tumor. I am so sad and worried. I'm only in my early 30s, of course I don't wanna die this young- I talk to my mom about writing a will and making sure my money goes to my family, and not the state. She says to calm down and see what the doctor says. She tells me brain tumors are very rare, esp for somebody my age but I'm thinking 'it's just like me though to be this unlucky.'

So I see a doctor and he was really shitty. Didn't want to communicate with me, had really bad people skills - and just gave me some headache medicine. Like literally he was all 'here's some medicine, **** off now.' But it was still there, even after I took the medicine. Now I really am worried, and really do think I have a brain tumor. Why isn't the headache medicine working?

My mom asks around to try and find a better doctor. I gotta wait like three more weeks for the appointment though, and it was hell waiting that long. I have been in this hellish nightmare for about a month and a half now, will the nightmare ever end? Some days the headache didn't let up at all, it was just constant hell and torment 24/7. I cried to my mom probably seventeen-eighteen times. At least.

Thankfully, the nightmare is about to end. This doctor actually knows what he's doing. The new doctor actually asks me a lot of questions and listens to what I say and doesn't just prescribe me something I don't need and runs away with the cash like 99% of doctors in this crappy world. FINALLY!

The doctor ran an x-ray on my neck and says I definitely sprained my neck! That's what was causing it... all this time I had no idea I even hurt my neck. The pain was all focused on my head not my neck. Wasn't even thinking about my neck at all. Once it was properly treated, I felt the intense pain in my neck finally but it was a GOOD THING. It was very painful, but also a heal-y type of pain as I knew what it was finally. I was not dying of brain tumors or cancer, I just needed prescription muscle relaxers. So finally over time my headaches go away (as well as the neck pain) as the root source was healing. About time too, now it's the beginning of October.

But still I had sprained it pretty badly and the doctor said I might need some physical therapy on top of the meds/self-care (heat helped it) but thankfully that never happened. Also had no idea how the hell I even sprained my neck. Bad pillow maybe?

This happened three years ago I know, but wanted to share how negative my thoughts get sometimes. And maybe it can help somebody else, who knows. But the headache pain was so intense, it felt almost like I was sent to a lower hell dimension or something. I could have swore I was dying, but the muscle relaxers saved my life. Having this issue on top of already being so paranoid.... drove me crazy.
Jul 28, 2018
Thanks for sharing that! We talk a lot about how anxiety makes us go to 'worst case scenario', but sometimes we just need to investigate to find the problem. Good for you for insisting on treatment!!
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