So sick of this **** can’t live my life

Discussion in 'Social Anxiety Disorder' started by Tayla, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Tayla

    Tayla New Member

    So, I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety yet as I haven’t even gone to see a therapist about it or anything but it is getting so ******* bad. I will literally sit there and hyperventilate about catching a bus, or walking somewhere. I want to meet people so badly but this **** just won’t let me, I feel so ******* alone. I’m stuck on what the **** to do! I am anxious and worried about EVERYTHING, It takes every bit of me to even look and smile at someone and even when I do I’ll think of how stupid I would’ve looked for hours. I smoke like a lotttt of weed, which wouldn’t help the situation at all. I can’t call people, or won’t answer anyone’s calls. I wear jumpers everywhere, even in summer cos I just like hate myself so much. This anxiety **** has made me hate everything about myself. Just need help or some ****, does anyone have any tips or anything to calm this the **** downnnn ! :mad:
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  3. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Hey Tayla and welcome to our family.

    I'm a pot smoker too. I already have agoraphobia and GAD and PTSD and depression. But get this, when I go without a smokey joe, I'm worse! That funny fag helps to calm me down. I've even asked the doctor if they allow medical weed then I would appreciate it as a pill without the high rather than smoking it. It stops me from topping myself because I can't be bothered. The weed effects relax me. I can go without but to stay in the life instead of topping myself means that weed is to me, like a medication. My doctor knows this and understands it and has even said if it helps use it.

    You sound agoraphobic and depressed to me. We have the same symptoms but I am happy not going out.

    What to do and how to cope?
    Enjoy the weed hun!:singing: If you are feeling bad then have a smokey joe if that is what you are used to. At least you know that it will stop you going mad and doing something silly. Also, do some breathing exercises. It is like a meditation. Close your eyes and breathe in for the count of 4, hold it in for the count of 4 and let the breath out slowly for the count of 4. Try to close your mind to everything else and switch your phone off. Just sit and count your breath and try to do this for as long as possible. Up to an hour if you can. This takes time and practice but it really does help. It helps me. If you can only do it for a few minutes at first and build up. Try to do it at the same time every day as well.
  4. XmasCarol52

    XmasCarol52 Active Member

    You know when I first got anxieties when I didnt know what they were I use to smoke a little bit of pot and it actually helped me to relax,maybe I should mention it to my shrink.While it didnt last long it did work some.
  5. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Yes, it does truly help. My Mum said that it made someone we knew depressed but I asked her what else they were going through at the time. She said that the man was going through a split with his long-term live-in partner and had lost his job. This is what made him depressed, not the weed. He isn't smoking now, not even ciggs but the weed helped him at the time. The worst thing that weed does is make you anti-social but that is short lived and only while you are stoned. The other thing it does is if you have too much you cant' lift your head up! And if your a non-smoker, to begin with, don't start on the tobacco. Don't start smoking.

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