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Discussion in 'Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)' started by Corzhens, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Corzhens

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    Last night we were in the wake of my brother's wife who died of aneurysm - a ruptured vein in the head that cause her to be in a coma and expired after a few days. In those occasions when someone in the family dies, the wake has become a sort of clan reunion where we see not only our siblings but also our cousins. It's really bad that the topic last night was all about ailments. My husband was quiet all along, just listening to the conversation. When we left, my husband mentioned that he was feeling weak. I understand that it is a budding anxiety attack. He said that his knees are weakened by the thought of those sicknesses, from glaucoma of the eyes to cancer ot the liver. We are so far healthy and don't have serious health issues but the thought of getting hit by serious illnesses really gets to the nerve of my husband. It was good that when he started the car's engine, the topic had changed and he was able to move on pretty well.
  2. NormaD

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    Sometimes when we surround ourselves with negative people it can have such an impact on our own mood or attitude. In your husband's case, it almost triggered an anxiety attack. I have been in situations like that and I've learned that the best thing you can do is remove yourself as quickly as possible from that negative situation. Unfortunately this means that sometimes you have to be rude, and so be it. I would never sacrifice my wellbeing for anyone at all. I'm selfish that way. When someone starts a topic that makes me anxious, or even when they are watching a show on tv that I know will trigger my anxiety, I excuse myself.
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    My condolences to you, your family and brother. Death, more so in a family, can trigger inward reflections. It reminds us how vulnerable our lives really are. If a loved one succumbs to death for health reasons, the more we are reminded how frail we can be. In such occasions, I am glad to know your husband has your presence, that you've got his back. We deal with so many anxieties each day. We just have to be watchful of not being overwhelmed by what we face no matter the circumstances.
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    First off so sorry for your loss. Losing somebody quickly and unexpectedly can cause us to reflex on our own lives and make us realize how quickly it can all come to an end. Being around people who are talking about various illnesses and symptoms can trigger in our minds that we may have a certain disease that we are not aware of. Talking about sicknesses and death does cause me anxiety. I have to walk away from conversations of that nature or change the subject. I can understand how you husband was feeling but I am glad that you were able to change the subject once you were alone.
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    Send my condolences to your brother, death is so fleeting and arbitrary. It is pretty difficult to cope with the fact someone loved is suffering from a serious disease, and one will cling to any glimpse of hope for a recovery. I can be afraid of being in their place though, at the thought of bargaining alleviate their suffering for sharing the burden. But since is not possible, the only real possibility to do something about is to whether become a scientist or donate something to Ong and foundations.
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    Your husband seems like he was subjected to the classic picking up of negative energies. When we surround ourselves with sickness, watch adverts for sickness, visit hospitals or talk about it, we are attracting it to us. This is how the law of energy works. We attract what we surround ourselves with and what we think about.

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