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Question for those 60+


Feb 17, 2020
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I know there aren't that many of us here but to those of you on the other side of 60ish how do you cope with life's little, and big, aches and pains? I have some unexplainable chronic conditions, have had one battle with an early cancer and have many, many unresolved issues along with too many bodily complaints. I'm tired of going to the doctor only to have him tell me to "just keep an eye on it" and do nothing to figure out what is wrong. Yet I'm also afraid to go to the doctor because I'm afraid he may try to figure out what is wrong and the results won't be good. My symptoms could easily be those of a serious disease, or maybe not. At my age it's much more likely than if I were a young 25. I feel like the doctors are writing things off to my age as well as "anxiety." I don't seem to have a good day anymore and it seems in my mind I am too young to feel like this. I so long for the old days when I was young and healthy. Anyone feel similar to this?