PTSD from anxiety attacks?

Discussion in 'Panic Disorder' started by Guest, Jun 14, 2016.

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    When I first had an anxiety attack, I honestly had no idea what was going on. I had never once in my lifetime even considered I was an anxious person or anything like that. So when I had an anxiety attack at work I honestly thought I was going insane out of the blue, because nothing had caused it. All of a sudden I just started panicking, I was short on breath, light headed, etc etc. It was BY FAR the most stressful point in my life. I mean, what could be more stressful than thinking your going insane?? Now, I haven't had an attack in a long time but the idea of being anxious is always in the back of my mind. ALWAYS. This has to be some sort of post traumatic stress disorder. I just dont understand why I cant drop it and move on. Is this normal? Is there any medication I could possibly get to help me?
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    If it has only happened once then why would you want to take any medicine for it? I doubt the doctor would prescribe any because it isn't something you are dealing with often.
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    I like to call this anxiety about anxiety. Since my first panic attack any hint of one and I'm feeling crazy. If you figure out how to forget I'd love to know. I have had them since last year. It's been miserable.
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    I think what you are describing is, by definition, what anxiety is; the worry about having an an attack. I have become agoraphobic over this past year and a half because I fear having an attack. Mine have happened while in traffic, shopping at the store, riding in the passenger seat of a car, and strangely the sound of fireworks going off. It feels like a roller coaster that I cannot get off of. I am on medications, and now I sometimes have anxiety about that: fear of running out of medicine when I am getting low. I hope that you are able to find a solution that will help you conquer the worry you are dealing with. I wish long ago that I would not have become attached to my medications, because it really is an endless cycle. By finding other people who understand what I go through, I am hoping, will help in my fight to become better.

    I think you are on the right track by reaching out to other people, and talking about what is going on in your head. I have learned different techniques to help get through a panic attack; such as, breathing through my nose and then out my mouth, utilizing imagery, tensing and relaxing my muscles. Hope you are able to find the answers you are looking for.
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    I agree, if the panic attack was a one time event, you probably don't need or want to take medication for it. I think it would be helpful to educate yourself about anxiety in general, as well as panic attacks, and learn techniques to help you cope with your anxiety. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized I have had anxiety all of my life. Mine started out as related to a medical condition, and has morphed into generalized anxiety. You could probably benefit from reading about breathing techniques, mindfulness, and thought stopping/replacement.
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    I would look more into having anxiety, and the categories that go along with it. As someone with PTSD and anxiety, I can tell you that they are two separate things. While PTSD does cause panic attacks, my panic attacks from the trauma are very different from the ones I have related to my anxiety. Look into seeing a counselor or therapist; maybe even look into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to learn coping mechanisms and thought re-training. I would also recommend seeing a doctor, as there are medications/supplements and other regimens that can help with "panicking about panic". And just remember: you're not going insane. Anxiety is very, very real.
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    For me, it is more like the PTSD and CPTSD causes the anxiety. First I get the flashbacks, then the pain and I can't breathe and my whole body shakes inside.

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