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Aug 5, 2020
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i nervous as i discovered that just need to be myself around my friends which ATM i feel like i dont have and just have given up on them but that might change... idk. every one has good friends who want to hang out and then there is just me... i want a best friend who i cn laugh with. i was watching thee girls called franny and Nezza- i wissh i have that kinda relationship with someone. i know that you have to be gretful for what you have rather than what you dont but im drowning over here.

i also have a driving occupation assessment that i dont know why they are fuckin doing. it is all too much now like they need to fucken check if i can walk and see if i can drive so they will pay also if i need modifications. i though it would ruin my day but i noticed that i am just having a moment.i am fighting to stay alive rn. i just cant wait till its all done.

plsss help