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Opinions on this thought


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Sep 5, 2020
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So most people, I think, have anxiety because of continuous negative, fearful thoughts - and not just once in a while, but probably most of the time for very long periods of time - many, many years probably. If we just made a point of thinking positive thoughts, whether we believe them or not, but just over and over and over all day whenever possible, would our brains begin to believe those thoughts. I mean I'm sure it would take a very long time because our minds are so used to thinking the negative things that that becomes a normal way we go through life, but would the mind slowly begin to get used to those thoughts? I have been trying to do that as much as possible in hopes that some change will slowly happen in my thinking, but I wonder if that is possible.

I realize as soon as I wake up my brain starts looking for why I feel so down and negative and before long I am nervous and upset, and so I try to just say things that I don't even really feel or believe at the time I say it, but I wonder if that will help anything.


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Apr 14, 2019
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That is the basis of CBT. To change how we thing. We pick up danger signals a lot of the time. In reality there is no real danger there. Just how our minds works. To not see danger everywhere we look. If we could do that we would have nothing to panic about. Nothing to worry about. Some people use affirmations. Stick them around their homes. So every room they walk in to they read something positive. All about getting through to the subconscious mind. That is were most of the negative stuff is stored. Even watching a video on you tube over and over again. A positive, uplifting video. Or putting something on an MP3 player and walking around listening to it. It will finally begin to sink in deep. Changes might start to show.