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One thing that helps my health anxiety


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Apr 4, 2019
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I, like most of us here, struggle with HA on a regular basis. I get an issue and of course, it can never be something benign but always has to be the "wrose possible scenario". It may be an itching sensation, a pain, a headache, etc and immediately I assume the worse.

One thing that I have found that has helped some is to see how I am doing when I am occupied doing something else. For example, I get skin pokes occassionaly and i assume they are liver related (my mom died of liver disease). When sitting at my desk or watching TV they can be quite bothersome but I ride motorcyles adn i restore old cars and i notice when I am doing those things, I never notice the poking sensation BUT as soon as I stop and realize I didn't have any, they start back.

This pattern tends to help me realize they are benign because if it was a serious health issue, they would be there regardless of what I am doing. Same thing with a headache or a pain somewhere else - if it is serious, it will still be there regardless. So when I start worrying again, I just remind myself that if it goes away when I am busy and only appears when i am not, it is more of a mental thing than a physcial thing.

Maybe this mindset will help others here as well



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May 8, 2019
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Sounds good Robby, going to try that, I have an issue with cancer, just terrified of it,and I let my anxity feed into it, I just convince myself that it's going to happen to me, I scan myself for every ache and pain, and den my mind takes off "cancer " has got me so down lately