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Oh hey


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Dec 17, 2021
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Hi.. So after over analyzing every social interaction I've had today I decided maybe I should find a message board or something to talk to people who share debilitating anxiety like I do. I've been seeing a therapist since August but our last appointment was in October. She canceled, then I canceled, and this season is so busy I am not able to justify 45 minutes of talking to a person I barely know because I am so limited on free time. I have two kids and I am constantly driving them around to school, various therapy sessions, etc,. I don't mind it but this week I am really exhausted due to all the running around and lack of sleep plus stress. My energy stores feel depleted right now. So, that is why I'm here. To find other people to talk to when I have a spare moment.

About me...I like listening to yacht rock or Sevendust and I like lifting weights. I used to get into artsy things but I don't have time anymore. These days I am trying to keep afloat taking care of my family and my home. One day I hope to thrive. For now, I'm making it.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Welcome to the forum. We are all here for similar reasons. We all suffer from one thing or another. So make yourself at home.

Anxiety can be draining at the best of times. But with all your running around I can only imagine how tiring things must be. This time of year can bring a lot more stress with it too. Case of trying to find a bit of time just for you. To put the feet up and relax for a bit.

Any roads. We are always here to listen.