Oh boy I think I am in Trouble

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by XmasCarol52, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Last night while working on computer which by the way has been very slow some sites I cannot even get into or when i can I have to wait for fifteen to 20 minutes just for the page to load,all I ever see is wait.NOw here it comes because of it i had a relapse last night so the handy man came by wanted to know if I was okay,he better not go and tell that witch I was yelling .You would yell to if you had to deal with websites that dont work,so now i am thinking the noisy busy bodies around here are going to go and complain to the land lady i yelled,oh poor babies dont like my swearing well you know what to damn bad,As I keep telling them around here I cannot help it when I yell,but I am sure someone will say something,they need to learn how to mind there own business around here,If I sound angry I am.They say I need to control it.how the hell am I suppose to do that? Yelling is something I Cannot control believe me I have tried and it doesnt seem to be working,I have tried singing ,taking deep breathes but when it comes out it comes out.People do not need to know about my mental illness like I told him i get so frustrated with this computer ,guess what he told me he wont go on the computer because it would drive him craZy. So there you go and he doesnt even have anxieties.I absolutely hate it when I yell but it just comes out so quick .So naturally when he came by i knew he must have hear d me he claims now that heard me way down the other end,that is pretty good considering i had my window shut,tv on and my air conditioner running.He said he wouldnt say anything,but I aint holding my breath on that one,maybe if I got some sleep i would feel better I only got two hours sleep total in the last two nights.I better not be in trouble.I often wonder these old farts who complain what they got to hide.
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    If the man said he wouldn't say anything then he obviously feels that there is no need to. So don't worry yourself too much over that. Instead, make yourself a cup of hot sweet tea, chamomile if you have it and relax.

    It isn't anybody else's business what you do, say or think. So never mind those busy bodies. You are a lovely person Carol. They don't know you. They don't know why you get angry, or they don't understand it. Do your best to ignore them. They are the ignorant people because they have no compassion.

    How did it go on Tuesday? Did you manage to relax a little. What was the new doctor like?
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    I saw my shrink she gave me buspar to relax me more i was shaking so bad by the time I got to her office.I was only in there for about ten minutes but I had to sit and relax before I could go out,the best part of the day is when I got to go to the marina for about ten minutes.Lois asked me if I wanted to go i immediately said yes.You should have seen all the ducks there,I bet your dog would have loved it there is plenty of room to walk around.It is not only a marina but a park.
    If i get into trouble again i know i will have to explain myself the reason I am worried about the handy man is because he is part of the land ladies family. That whole family has big mouths and boy are they ever nosy too.He is nice though .hey when you window is shut the ac and tv on,how can they hear me yelling unless they stuck there heads outside if front of my apt.i know two people who never knew i was yeling until they got inside.I believe these are the same people who ratted one of the neighbors out because they let one of the cats inside,big deal.these people need to get a life.
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    What a shame that you aren't allowed to have pets. A pet would be brilliant therapy for you. Yes, my pup Carly would probably chase those ducks. He chases the seagulls when we go to the beach as well.

    It is normal that the family would help out with things like repairs if your landlady needed it. But it is really nice of them to give you the lift that you need. If you keep your conversation to light stuff then there is nothing to report about you back to them. Just don't talk about any deep stuff, that way you will keep your privacy. It sounds like you had a lovely time. I hope this means there is something nice for you to look forward to next time?
  5. XmasCarol52

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    I had a great time at the marina.That is my second home>I do not tell anyone anything here where I live because it is none of there business,I dont question there illness's they do not need to question mine.

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