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Need help!! Anxiety over trip.

Apr 10, 2019
Hey everyone!! Hope all is well.

As the title states, I am very anxious over an upcoming trip with my Dad.

Let's start this with my Dad has been an alcoholic all my life, having severely reduced his intake about 7 years ago. So now, when he only has a couple of drinks (he likes to still drink when we take trips), it affects him quicker.

This creates problems, as in we will fight, yell, and scream at one another sometimes. I can't stand it when he drinks because of things that the drinking have caused to happen throughout my life.

This trip that we are taking, is a revamped trip from last year. Last year, we attempted to go down to New Orleans, then we were to drive to Texas, and back through Arkansas to Tennessee on our way home. Well, the morning we were to leave for Texas, he had a couple of drinks, and we wound up fighting. We were on our way to Texas, and I literally had to turn the car around. I couldn't stand it anymore. I felt trapped.

So we are retaking this trip after having discussed what the fight was actually about and that we wanted to give this trip the chance it deserves. We are leaving Sunday. But I'm still nervous.

We'll be driving, so if anything happens, I'll be stuck again. I'm not trying to go into to this trip thinking that it's going to go wrong. In fact, I'm determined for this trip to be great. However, I'm just not sure what to do if it happens again, or if he starts drinking and being hateful with me, creating an unavoidable conflict.

Has anyone else had experiences like this? I just have so much anxiety over the trip as a whole, but also over knowing he will be drinking.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, and much love and peace!
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