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My life with Social Anxiety


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Jan 27, 2020
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Ever since my teens, back in the 80's I was afraid of socializing. DEATHLY afraid.
Back then little was known about anxiety & depression. Depression was just a feeling
as far as we knew. You were FEELING depressed, giving the impression it was just a temporary
condition to which one was expected to recover.
Anyway, I grew up being terrified of meeting, or even being around people.
So much so, that the only way I could make a living was to work as a Security guard on Graveyard
shift, where I would have the least chance of interacting with people.
I had to template. No comparison as to what "normal behavior" was, so I figured I was just shy.
Well, that shyness cost me so much. Mostly time. I never dated throughout my 20's, being so afraid of everybody.
(I won't even TELL you what age lost my virginity at!)
Eventually, it got to the point where I became completely shut in & shut off from the outside world.
Yes. I couldn't even go outside to do necessary things like shopping for groceries.
Needless to say, I couldn't work. I was in REAL trouble.
Till finally, I had a nervous breakdown in 2000. 20 years later, I'm STILL dealing with the after-effects.
But, when I had my breakdown in 2000, I finally went to see my Doctor who prescribed some Anti-anxiety pills for me.
I didn't know I was sick, let alone there being help in pill form.
Unfortunately, the medication they first prescribed fo me. Paxil was NOT the one for me, as it had me flat on my back.
I couldn't even sit up. After basically guinea-pigging me for a time, they finally found the right one, which I'm on today.
I'm not going to mention its name, as I don't want to appear to be schilling for the company, but I can tell you this.
Within a few hours of my being introduced to this drug, I INSTANTLY felt better.
In fact, I didn't realize just how tense, nervous & anxious I had been until I took this stuff.
For the first time in my adult life, I felt calm, relaxed. I had found my answer!
I remain on this medication today, which has basically given me my life back & I'm convinced, had I not gone to a doctor
in the first place, I might have died from Hypertension already.
Now, pill therapy isn't for everyone. But as for myself, I just wanted to share my story about I got my life back.
At the end of the day, I urge anyone with symptoms like I had, if you haven't told your doctor, tell them!
There IS help! As I said, maybe pills might not be the solution for you, but at least you're reaching out, which is SO important.
You don't need to suffer in silence as I did for so many years. YOU HAVE OPTIONS!


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Oct 4, 2019
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YWorry, I couldn't agree with you more, if you have severe social anxieties, you do have options...lots of them, especially in this day and age!

Don Piano

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Nov 10, 2020
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What anxiolytic medicine are you taking? Send via a direct message if you prefer to.