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MS/ALS symptoms


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Nov 18, 2020
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Hello everyone! Hope you guys feel amazing.
About 1.5 months ago, I started having a tender feeling in my left shoulder along with the abdomen. So I started googling, from Gastritis to colon cancer et cetera. So my doctor prescribed me Omeprazole and Meloxicam, then one day, out of a sudden, I felt I had poor balance and I was losing my balance as well as having weak sensation in legs. I started googling and it leads me to believe I have ALS/MS symptoms. Gradually, a few weeks went with the following symptoms and I was just so anxious and depressed that I stopped doing any physical activity, started sleeping more than I usually did. The sleep was restless. I decided to go see a neurologist. The neurologist did a physical check and performed an EMG on my arms and legs, which showed I have carpal tunnel syndrome. The neurologist suspected Neuropathy but when he performed an EMG test on my legs, everything came back normal. According to him, "These are just sensations and you do not have an objective weakness". Few days went past by, and I was still not assured that I am alright so I started googling 24/7 and then I noticed that I started burping a lot. I developed a dry mouth and my lips felt like they are not part of my face anymore. When I talk, it feels like I am out of breath after everything 10 words because my throat seems dry. I am very distressed by what I am going through. The doctors did blood tests and I don't have vitamin deficiencies either. I have nausea and loss of appetite and I am losing weight as well. I do not know what to do at this point.......
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