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More weight, more anxiety: Responses so very appreciated


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May 30, 2020
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Welp I've been on a med for a year and a half now and unfortunately have gained about 30 lbs. I used to be so active but now I'm scared of being too active because of my weight; ie: BP worries, stroke worries, heart attack worries you name it. Here's the kicker; my job requires me to climb ladders every day all day long and I stay active very active during those times. On my way home I'm usually drained and my face is hot to the touch like my BP is up. I'm 39 weigh 305 6'2" about 28% body fat, I used to lift weights!! Generally, I'm not looked at as being overweight but just big, and bulky but so very bloated from all the damn carbs and sugar I eat.
Now here's my issue: I worry constantly I'm gonna stroke out, lifting or pulling too much weight or pushing myself too hard, when no more than two years ago I was shrugging 300 lbs and curling 100lbs. My health anxiety has gone through the roof since I gained all this weight. I literally get too scared to go out in the fields by myself because I'm afraid I won't make it back. I'm scared to be alone doing the things I once enjoyed. It's easy to say lose weight but when a drug works against your body, and you can't get off it cause it helps, it makes it almost impossible! I don't enjoy hunting like I once did cause I'm scared my body won't take the stress etc. I don't like being alone in my garage anymore. I'm so fixated on my BP being high cause it's high every time I'm in the Dr.s office. (I don't like the blood pressure cuff). I get anxious!!! The last reading was 140/90 at the docs office. They get in such a hurry to put you on BP meds when they don't realize it may only happen when you get nervous. The good news though to be as big of a guy as I am my cholesterol and everything else blood-wise are good. I'm afraid the doc is correct in diagnosing me with high BP but I do not want to take another med on top of the cocktail I'm already on. Again what's ironic is I climb ladders almost every day, and seldom get so anxious I can't. I do get worn out sometimes and have to take a few day's rests. I feel like these fears are taking my life away! I used to be so active and realized its just anxiety, its just anxiety but now they throw in a BP thing and I no longer have the piece of mind I did. Sometimes I get pressure in my ears when I stand up from sitting a long time. Medication-related who knows? I just want to enjoy life again. Thanks guys