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Leg bone pains and chest flutters

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For the past couple of months, maybe a few days out of the month I’ve been getting these aches in my shins that sometimes extend up and over my knees. It doesn’t hurt to walk, only to rest. Any ideas? Could this be from too much sitting? Sometimes I’m in class for 8 hours at a time with not many breaks to get up and stretch my legs.

Does anyone else get a weird sensation on the left side of their chest like a flutter? Mine feels like a twitch, similar to when my eye twitches. It doesn’t hurt. But it concerns me because of the location.

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i also feel the pain on the left side of my chest near between my breast bone but every time i am checking i dont feel any lumps or somethings. its like sometimes the bone there is paining.sometimes its gone then it will come back again. i am also suffering ulcer or acid right now which my upper left stomach is aching but manageable,i already taking ranitidine but still i feel that i want to vomit always and that chest sometimes is paining..i cant diagnosed it as a heartburn because its like a bone pain or what..this make me stress and worried again that make me nervous in past days .i am thinking that there is something in my heart..


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For the breast thing... Yeah, that happens to me. I think it is just a muscle twitch or something. It is usually on the side of my chests. especially the left one like you, so I think it is pretty normal. Muscle twitches happen. But if it keeps happening it may be caused by tension in the chest muscle area. I always strain my muscles there when I'm anxious about my heart and it even hurt one time. So I think there's that.
The leg thing might be what you suggested, I'm not sure. But I do get the bone pains randomly, although not repeatedly in the same region. Don't think it is anything too serious though. Maybe you could try allowing some more leg movements to see if it helps?