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Hiding anxiety from your children


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hello friends.
Just wondering if anyone here hides their anxiety from their children?
I have been doing my best, as my child can sense when I am having anxiety issues.
I don't want my child to ever worry so when she asks worried questions I'm always like that is not going to happen and respond in a positive light.
I've read anxiety can be genetic so I do my best to preach to my child the best positive answers I can give.
Btw my anxiety seems to have died down the last few weeks and only starts up a few times a year for a week or 2 at most.


Aug 15, 2019
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It could be a teaching moment. If your daughter has a worry, may be best to acknowledge it rather than kind of dismissing it as 'not going to happen'. Maybe brainstorm with her, OK, let's think about that. That scary thing might not happen, but what is a strategy we can put in place in case that does happen? What can we do to feel better in the meantime, coping techniques, distractions, doing something fun? I don't have kids but I am a teacher, and I am an anxious person. As a kid if someone tried to downplay my anxiety, that would make it worse, because I learned that there was something wrong with me as I 'shouldn't feel that way'. I probably would have felt better if my parents, etc, had admitted to feeling anxious sometimes too, and that some anxiety is normal.


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Apr 14, 2019
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I always saw kids as a great form of distraction. I mean that in a nice way too. The kid can help a person with anxiety come out of how they are feeling. The kid is a parents main focus. Gives you less time to think inwardly. When young all kids are innocent in a special kind of way. I just think that is how they should be allowed stay until a certain age is reached. I would never talk to a three or four year old about anxiety. Preteen for that matter. Unless they nervous about going to a new school. That is all normal and can be talked about as such. Then add in that mammy or daddy can also feel the same way at times. But each to their own when it comes to what age you think is right to educate a child on anxiety.