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Hi, I'm a new member


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Jan 8, 2021
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Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing well out there, I suffer from anxiety, and depression, lots of my anxiety is health related, and it can be challenging to talk to others about it, because they don't really understand. It seems like it started when the pandemic started, first it was worrying I'd catch Covid, that comes and goes, then it's worrying about everything from moles to pains I get. I google my symptoms and it almost always comes back with some sort of cancer. It doesn't really matter what the symptom is, it seems like Google always gives you the worst possible thing it could be. Like with moles I've always had them, I got a new one that looks a little different, I'm guessing it's atypical, it hasn't changed in size or anything, but it has two colors, I get new ones sometimes that look different, and everytime I've went to a dermatologist they've said it's nothing to worry about, my father has a lot of moles so I'm guessing I inherited that from him. I just wanted to let you guys know a little about what I'm going through, I've been reading some posts on here where people have had similar issues, and it's definitely helping. I'm going to try and avoid googling symptoms, and try to stop using Google all together because I don't like how hen I google something adds or articles about what I looked for start popping up. It's definitely not helpful, especially right after you just stopped overthinking. I downloaded duck duck go so the adds and articles would stop popping up, and I've started seeing a therapist who's been very helpful, the problem is they can't be there all the time. So I'm hoping this forum will be helpful for me when my therapist isn't there to know that it's most likely my brain overthinking things. I do that with everything, not just health issues, but with health issues reading all the negative things on google just drive my crazy, stress and anxiety can be harmful to our health to, so thanks to whomever decided to start this forum I've only been reading for about an hour, and it's already been very helpful hearing from other who were worried about similar issues went to the doctor and were told it was nothing to worry about. I'll definitely still go for regular check ups, but I feel like this could an excellent resource for me to speak with others who might be going through similar issues. Again I hope you're all doing well and I look forward to speaking to some of you in the future.


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Nov 5, 2019
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Hi CZU and welcome. Yes, Google is the enemy. When you get the urge, do a search on this site rather than Google, and feel free to post with any concerns. Most of us are long time sufferers, with lots of experience that hopefully can help calm you.