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Here to help.


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Mar 15, 2019
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I am a lot like the OP in the thread. Originally I had health anxiety which I m sure was partially due to genetics as both my mom and dad had anxiety but also bc my mom had cancer when I was young. Once I suffered my first breakdown though all my anxiety has been about having anxiety and not feeling like myself.

I am doing well after a few really bad years but I still cycle up and down and get caught up in bad spells that will last week's. I rarely completely feel like my old self.

I think my biggest issue is that whenever I am feeling up I convince myself that I had finally conquered anxiety and of course that make the downs seem much worse. I get over confident and stop doing the little things that help lift me up from before. I am hoping that is my last hurdle to a full recovery where I only experience anxiety when appropriate.

We will see but I know I have made major progress and would like to help anyone as best as I can.