Fear of Karma

Discussion in 'Other Mental Health Issues' started by Jasmin Cottontail, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Jasmin Cottontail

    Jasmin Cottontail Active Member

    I don't know if I have inputted the right title but I have this attitude wherein I always think of what might happen if I do this or that. Like for instance, if I have to lie to get something on my benefit but I am afraid that if I do that, something not good will happen to me. Or if I did not do this to help other people then what if something not so good will happen like I won't earn that much or I will have less projects sort of that. And it feels that I'm stuck with this mindset that I am always scared that something not good might happen if I do this and not that or vice versa.

    Has anybody else experiencing this? Please give me some advice on how to deal with this. Thanks in advance!
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  3. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    I am actually writing a book on karma and have my own website that discusses such things. It can be a dilemma , but it all stems from intent and the heart. If you do something to avoid karmic consequences it doesn't  work.

    Karma can also be good, called beneficial when you do a good deed and it can balance out the adverse karma, or can lead to beneficial karma where the soul may gain, not necessarily  materially, or in this life.
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  4. fuzyon

    fuzyon Member

    I believe that what goes around comes around, so I kind of live my life around karma as well. In hindsight it can be beneficial since I'm always aiming to do something positive for everyone. It can also be tiring, especially if I'm always thinking about the wrong things I've done and how they will affect me in the near future. Great topic! :D  
  5. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    My question would be if you know that the wrong things you do may affect your future, then why do them? It's a conscious choice, an that is the actual point of Karma, for you to learn and not to do it and then make amends. People misunderstand Karma and fear it, when you have nothing to fear if you are honest and behave with integrity. It doesn't guarantee a smooth life though, but one that will attract less adverse karma.

    Basically, you know right from wrong, so what type of Karma you generate depends on the choices you make.
  6. joshposh

    joshposh Member

    This is called paranoia.  If you know that lying is bad, then why are you going to do it in the first place?  Why don't you stop doing negative and potentially bad decision, then you wouldn't be thinking about karma.  Makes sense right?  Why put yourself in a situation like that, if you know it's bad, and it being done to you is bad also.  

    Your in this position because you put yourself in it on your own accord.  
  7. fuzyon

    fuzyon Member

    Sometimes you can't control it, as a person with depression I can be snappy at times. I can insult people without even realizing due to my mood, and then I start being afraid of that happening to me because of karma. Of course, it's not a 1:1 ratio but it's still a valid concern. Most of the time I try to be pleasant and even right my "wrongs". :D
  8. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    Of course it's human to snap, be moody and also to get upset at random times. It's more about planned and deliberate actions, such as someone planning to get someone into trouble, and actions like that one can say attracts adverse karma. At times we can't help it when we are provoked, or when we are down and as long as there was no intent to harm then I don't feel that karma will be enacted.

    To me, it isn't about being punished, but choosing to do the right thing for the right reason. That's why people who do charity work t make themselves look good don't necessarily end up generating beneficial karma as it is from ego rather than unselfish acts.
  9. TheKnight

    TheKnight Pending

    I feel this too and every time I do something that isn't right or something I regret, I punish myself and the worried feeling subsides. For example, depending on the severity of my action, I lick soap a number of times accordingly. I suffer for a bit because the taste is horrendous. I don't swallow it but I rinse my mouth. In the end, it benefits me after and I get what I probably deserved.
  10. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Pending

    Whenever something would go wrong, I would tell myself that it may be Karma with revenge. And my only weapon against Karma is to be good all the time, follow the law of the universe and avoid harming not only people but even other beings. But sometimeis I am overdoing it such that I get nervous at time. Actually I have that nervous feeling once in a while in the past few days and I am still trying to define what is causing that nervousness. At night, I always pray that I become healthy and normal on the next day when I wake up. That is one way of pleading for karma not to take a revenge on me.
  11. biege

    biege Member

    Karma for me has always done me a lot of good things. I understand your situation but then you don't have to be afraid of Karma. Here in our Country we have a saying that "Karma is now Digital", it means that if you do something good or something bad, the effect to you would be Instant. I somewhat believe in this but I don't call it Karma, for me, it's a reminder from God. Remember the Golden Rule? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". The thing I normally do to avoid getting bad Karma is of course, to follow the rule and do good as always. For me, that's the best solution to this.
  12. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    It is a shame that 'karmic belief' isn't the main stream as I think a number of people would act differently. I never used to believe in karma as I went through a lot of things in my infant years. I used to think I was innocent back then and how could karma come back and hurt me. How could I have done anything wrong as a baby?

    My beliefs now are different, though. I became learned about chakra's and understood how energy flows and works. I realised that karma is real and the problems I had in those innocent years were definitely payback for some things I had done in past lives.

    Apparently, we have an eighth chakra, about a foot or so above our heads. This chakra is the chakra that deals with our karma. Every single thing we do, every word, thought and deed is stored there. As energy (vibrations) flows, it goes out and searches like for like. It will find the energy that it resonates with, and when it has found it, it sticks to it and springs right back from whence it came. That is, directly back to us. Therefore, what we send out, will come back to us threefold. If you can imagine an invisible tentacle with a sticky bit at the end that has the ability to stretch itself a million miles or more at the speed of light. It is attached to us so wherever it goes, whatever that sticky tentacle finds, it will bring it straight back to us.

    So, God or no God, what ever it is that we believe, there is no forgiveness as such. However much we repent, our sticky tentacle is out there searching for the like of what we have thought, spoken and done. It will come back to us, maybe in this life, or the next, or another.

    When I became involved with this idea, I began a search on the internet to see if I could find out who I may have been in my previous life. I started at the hospital I was born in and looked at the death records. A name came up that I recognised and it was truly amazing. I researched that mans life and wrote down all the similarities between his life and mine. I ended up with two A4 pages, both sides! of similarities, too much to be a coincidence. I also found the bad things that he had done and realised that if that man was me, then it was no surprise to me the things that I had suffered in this life as an innocent child.

    The man was murdered in the end, and I knew how as well. I knew it all my life. Despite what the newspapers said that he took his own life, I found one small article that reported he had been murdered by an air bubble injection. I have always been afraid of injections, all throughout my life, because there may be an air bubble in it which might kill me. Silly I know, but when I was in the junior school, we had a lesson where we had to prick our finger to look at our blood under a microscope. I couldn't do it becuase I was afraid of an air bubble, or air getting into my blood. Even though it was just a pin prick. To me there can only be this answer for the fear I had.

    when I found that I believed to be this man in reincarnate, I started to look for ways to clear my karma. I was overjoyed to find that there was a mantra that could do just that. 'Thiru neela kantam' said 108 times every day is supposed to clear your karma. You can find it on youtube and sing it along with them.

    Truly, none of us know what happens after we die. All we are 100% about is the fact that our bodies stop moving and there is no power left in it.
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  13. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    While I respect what people wish to believe, Karma is not something you can get rid of or clear by chanting. It's a rebalancing of acts and thoughts, and many people don't consciously know if they have attracted adverse karma. The concept as you noted implies karma is 'bad' and it isn't bad or good. It;s neutral. To me only those who misunderstand Karma see it as bad, because beneficial karma is overlooked.

    It's a bit like going to confession; you can't absolve sins if you don't it and repeat what you did over again. The same is with Karma; it's eternal and it may not be addressed until another incarnation.
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  14. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Yes, you are so right, @Alex karma is neutral but we automatically think of the bad karma coming to us and forget it also attracts the good. That is, if and when we do good. I tried the mantra for a few months, I don't know if it worked at all, who knows until the time huh? Apparently, mantras have been found to emit a certain vibration which will attract back what was put out by the words. I think they work a little like affirmations.

    I can say though, I had two properties to sell and very quickly. I said a mantra for that and both of them sold within two weeks of starting the mantra whereas I was trying for 6 months beforehand to sell without any mantra. As that mantra seemed to work to help sell my two properties I thought that it may help with the karma busting mantra as well. Or it may have just been all a coincidence!

    The moral of the story is, to do good, think good and speak good! Send out good energy as much as you can and that sticky tentacle will go out and search for its like, bringing us joy and peace on the way. :happy:
  15. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    I'm glad you were able to sell the properties quickly, but there could have been other factors. While I do think positive thinking is good, I do feel relying on mantras, chanting and the LOA are unhelpful because people can use them a crutch and then expect too much.

    Even though I'm fairly spiritual (I write books on it and have a couple of websites) I am still skeptical and also cynical, which some may think is the antithesis of being spiritual. I'm realistic in that I believe one should have faith, but practical faith. On the other hand I have met many deluded people who think they can pray or chant to make things okay. Karma is about intent and thoughts, so even if you didn't act that doesn't mean you have escaped adverse karma with a bad thought.
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