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Sep 11, 2021
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It came up recently from friend about the ego. What is it and how do we deal with it? First of all the ego is not YOU. It's a conglomeration of all the teachings and thoughts that have been put into your mind by others. Teachers, siblings, parents etc. etc. that are mostly misleading and erroneous. When we are anxious memories arise from the past via the ego. The ego can never have a new idea, because it is entrenched in the past. We have become our egos. Not because we chose to but because it is always the easy way out. Original thinking can only come from a mind that is open to any new ideas. The ego goes out of its way to stop us having new thoughts. That niggling little voice that tells us we will newer get well again, we are fated to be like this forever. None of which is true.
I now liken the ego to a nasty little person hammering on the door of my mind crying to get in. I keep the door firmly shut. I will never allow it to take me over again. Never! The ego makes us feel sorry for ourselves. It is totally negative and could be seen as evil. The ego is always going to be negative or show us false pictures of ourselves. The real SELF will never do that. Sadly, we have come to believe the ego is us. It's why we seem to have no control over 'IT', the anxiety and fear. The realisation that there is that other SELF that is far away from the ego, can help us move on. When Christ said 'you must be born again' he was obviously not referring to human birth but a new birth in the mind. Discard all old ideas that are mostly false and look for new ideas from those who have come to us over the centuries and told us how to behave to our fellow man. Have we listened? No! There is more hate and misunderstanding than there ever was. The ego is behind it all. Retribution, revenge, attack and spite are all manifestations of the ego. Kindness, love, compassion and empathy are all manifestations of the real SELF. Everyone has it, but it goes unrecognised in most of us, so we suffer unnecessarily because we believe the lies the ego tells us.