Dopamine - The Brain Cell Celebrity.

Discussion in 'Natural Remedies' started by janemariesayed, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Dopamine is released when we experience pleasurable things. Although it is released in our brain like a reward it also helps combat symptoms of depression.

    If we were to eat cake's or biscuits and get that feel good factor, that is the dopamine release in our brain that the cakes have made happen. Dopamine release can lead to addictions, even if it is something like gun slinging.

    What I like about dopamine is the fact that it assists with our motivation. I've been suffering terribly with a lack of motivation and find that I procrastinate on games a lot of the time. I despise myself when I do so I decided to work on productivity rather than procrastinity (I invent a new word lol).

    I did a little research on Dopamine and now, Grrrr! :mad: I can't find the link to post!

    The article explained how dopamine has an effect on our motivation. It suggested eating certain foods that would boost the dopamine levels in our brain and so aid motivation.

    Dopamine Food List.

    All animal products
    Green leafy veggies
    Green Tea

    The article stated that three cups of Green Tea per day will give enough dopamine to boost motivation. So I drank three cups (mugs) of Green Tea and what happened next?

    I took my dogs for a walk, washed the dishes, hoovered and wrote a part of a short story I'm working on. :happy: So dopamine is my brain celebrity now, I love it and I hope I keep caring for it like I did yesterday. Already today I've had a mug of Green tea instead of my regular morning coffee.

    It also said in the article that if one was to lack dopamine that you would feel depressed, and can lead to anxiety as well.

    If you are feeling anxious or depressed with a lack of motivation, you could get your dopamine levels checked out by your doctor to see if that is the reason for your anxieties and low moods.
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  3. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    I drink black tea every day . Maybe that's why I do it too. Because of increased dopamine levels. Also eating and drinking better decrease your cortisol levels.
  4. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    The green tea seemed to have a good effect and positive. But I drink coffee every day. I have two cups in the morning and sometimes I use a huge soup bowl type of mug. I also eat chocolate and eat banana's and avocados but I've not noticed any difference in my motivation when eating and drinking those things.

    Although I've always got green tea in my cupboard I rarely think about drinking it. So I am going to drink the three cups per day and fingers crossed it will help me to stay motivated.

    Isn't it all to do with hormones and juices in the brain! They say we are what we eat and I think it might be interesting to find out more about foods we can eat to counteract our illness's.
  5. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    Yep. If we are what we eat then , I guess i'm pizza and burgers. Lol. Green tea just like coffee makes me have to"go" and not the the got sudden energy type . Lol. Anyway. If I could drink coffee ... I probably would.
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