Does anyone else see these in their vision? Hoping it’s not just me

Discussion in 'Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)' started by Elleinad9705, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Elleinad9705

    Elleinad9705 New Member

    They’ve seemed to multiply. My doctor said my eyes are fine and I’ve tried for months to ignore it but they keep popping up more and more. Does anyone else have this issue I’m really depressed about it and my anxiety is through the roof

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  3. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    They look like little worms! I don't know what they could be but they look a little scary for me. Perhaps you could go to a specialist Optician and see what they say it is?

    It could be blood cells that you are seeing, I've never seen anything like it before.
  4. JohnM

    JohnM New Member

    Yes. I see them occasionally. Pretty sure they're just bits of airborne debris floating around on the surface. You are totally fine I'm sure.
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  5. Elleinad9705

    Elleinad9705 New Member

    Thank you
  6. Sophie leigh

    Sophie leigh New Member

    I would double check with your doctor about that.
    A family member of mine was getting what you've described and theirs actually a condition that causes you to see the swirls as I call them, unfortunately their is no cure but as far as I know it's not life threatening just very annoying. I'm unsure of what the condition is called so yeah I would go to the doctors, at least knowing will settle your mind and give you a chance to decide how to deal with it.
  7. Elleinad9705

    Elleinad9705 New Member

    Was it eye floaters? I’ve heard people mention them before. As it is no cure for that
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  8. Sophie leigh

    Sophie leigh New Member

    I'm unsure of the name but I'm sure your doctor could give you some insight, I can understand your worry as the eyes are something I would hate to struggle with. Hope everything turns out ok!
  9. Rinka

    Rinka Moderator Staff Member

    Eye floaters are protein cains swimming in everyone’s eye. The funny thing is (well no so funny with anxiety) that one will notice them more, the more stressed and anxious one is.
    Everyone had them and sees them, but usually your brain is blinding them out or ignoring them. The stressed and or anxious brain is not as able to ignore them, therefor you will see them more often.

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