Diet changes are causing scary symptoms - any help appreciated..

Discussion in 'Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)' started by Natasha0717, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Hi everyone, I've posted about this in the "Symptoms" section already, but because this seems to be continuing, I've decided to post about it here, because now I'm getting a little scared, and frustrated, because I can't figure this out.
    I keep getting migraine aura upon waking, it lasts about 20 minutes, and then goes away. Little to no headache afterwards. I've gotten 5 of them in the last 2 weeks. This is unusual, because I normally get about 1 or 2 PER YEAR.

    Over the last 2 weeks, I've made some major changes to my diet. I've cut my carbs down to under 100. Who knows how many I was eating before, maybe 300-400. I've also given up Diet Cokes, which I was constantly drinking almost all day and night, especially from 7-11, Big Gulps. Before, I would just eat pretty much anything I wanted to. But now, I am going to list all of the new additions to my low-carb diet, that I eat every day (all new)....and I'm hoping maybe somebody here will be able to help me find the trigger. Because I know it has something to do with this drastic change in diet. I've never eaten this "healthy" before, but unfortunately, these migraine auras are proving to me that something new is not agreeing with me, and I have a very sensitive body, I am allergic to many things...but I also know what they are and know to stay away from them. I don't believe any of my known allergens are mixed in with my new diet, because I already know what to avoid.

    Here is the list of new foods I've been eating exclusively, please look for possible triggers so maybe I can try eliminating one at a time to find the trouble-maker. And remember, these are all foods that I wouldn't normally eat, I've just been eating them over the last 2 weeks:

    1.) Apples with crunchy peanut butter on top
    2.) Cottage cheese
    3.) Turkey (Sara Lee) sandwiches with cheddar on wheat bread (in the past I've always eaten white bread.)
    4.) Vegetable, cabbage, and chicken noodle soups that I pick up from restaurants
    5.) Ice water with lemon, and lots of it (instead of constant Diet Coke all night.)

    PLEASE HELP, would love to know if any of the above ^ have caused migraines for you if you suffer from them. Or if you see that I have possibly given something up (?) that could be bringing on these migraine auras, only when I first wake up, right side only. Thanks so much, I will be checking this thread for possible answers/suggestions. And no, these aren't mini-strokes or anything like that....I've had these migraines off and on for years, and they run in my family. Just not so often, and that's how I know it's the new diet. Also, I've been hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) since high school, not sure if that info makes a difference. Thanks again. o_O:)
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  2. Natasha0717

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    Just an update (and sorry for the double-post here)....but it turns out that giving up Diet Coke so quickly and drinking ice water with lemon instead all night seems to be the cause!!

    I was having yet another migraine (aura) after waking up yesterday, and something told me to grab a Diet Coke out of the fridge and just down it. As soon as I felt it hit my stomach, the migraine rainbow-zigzag just disintegrated right before my very eyes (eye) :joyful:;). I've never, in history, been able to stop a migraine in its tracks like that.

    So I doubt it has anything to do with any additions on the list of new foods I've been eating....just quitting the Diet Coke cold turkey was too much for my brain (?) to handle. So I'll be sipping it off and on for the time being until I can adjust to not needing it as much.

    I can't believe how quickly we can become addicted to things....not-so-healthy-things. :confused:
    But at least I think I'm onto something here....
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    I was going to tell you that too. Giving up caffeine is hell. There's no way in hell I could live without it. Because you will literally withdrawal from caffeine. Literally.
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    Well, just another quick update. It wasn't anything with my diet, and it wasn't giving up Diet Cokes, actually it had something to do with an ongoing situation that nobody (including myself) was even aware of. We had a faulty furnace system, and it was omitting something into the air, I guess it was either Carbon Monoxide or Radon, or maybe even a combo of them both, but I was breathing in more than usual of it while I was asleep, and that's why I was waking up with the migraines/auras. Finally, we had a fire in the boiler room and everything below the house in that area. We have not been able to use our heater since, (house is under construction fixing the entire space where we had the fire) we've been relying on electric heaters for the time being. No more migraine auras at all. It's why I haven't been posting online as much, just giving my eyes some time to recover.. and the house has been in total chaos with workers coming in and out fixing things, washing all of our appliances, no hot water for about a month now, etc. But I'll still be around, and hope to return soon. Hope everyone is doing well. :);) I missed you guys!
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    That could have been very dangerous for you @Natasha0717 You would have been missing us guys for a lot longer that you thought! I'm glad you were able to find out what it was before it was too late.
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  6. thisnthat

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    My goodness. That could have been seriously dangerous. I'm so glad to hear that you uncovered the problem. I'd definitely go for a follow up.

    As for dietary concerns, quitting caffeine abruptly can have a real impact. Cutting carbs can as well, so take care. Your blood sugar may get low when you change your eating patterns, which can also cause headaches. For some people, it's better to eat smaller snacks throughout the day, instead of 3 larger meals. So, if you're still going low carb, I'd keep that in mind.

    It doesn't sound like hypochondria in this case, since something was really wrong. ;)
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  7. Decentlady

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    Goodness gracious! That was a dangerous thing discovered on time. Carbon monoxide is lethal and can cause death.

    I am so glad that you realised before it got too late. Keep the house aerated and open all windows daily morning to allow fresh air and sunlight in. That is the best way to stay healthy.
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  8. All of the above answers to your own questions to better health. All good. :) Low-carbs diet and high in Omega 3 nutrients from food are essential for the replenishment of our damaged cells. Up your Vitamin C sodium ascorbate intake for anti-inflammation and healing of your cells and tissues to fight those allergens and toxins after the poisoning that triggered your allergies and feeling ill. Lots of pure filtered rain water helps relieve the migraine headaches.
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  9. Sweed1

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    Sometimes these types of symptoms can be caused by allergies to foods we eat. Some foods or lack of certain foods can cause many different symptoms that we would not expect or even think of when they crop up. I have tried low carb and high carb diet meals and have found that just watching what I eat and amounts of food I like works best.
    Sometimes the things we leave out or add into out diets are not the foods we can be eating or not eating. Some avoid sugar all together and find they have less energy. Some eat foods high in fat and find out their bodies can not handle that type of diet. Some eat all vegan and drink distilled water and have lots of dental issues and etc... Some manage well on any diet. But we must listen to our bodies when odd symptoms arise and try to figure out the cause in order to feel good again.
    I am glad that Natasha 0717, figured out what was causing her headaches and is feeling much better now. Good detective work.
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  10. Robert Turner

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    I think the important lesson to learn from the above is that we need to be so very very careful when looking for causes for our ills.

    Its incredibly easy to say, oh, it's the Coke, the weather, must be stress related or a myriad of other potential culprits. We need to explore EVERY single thing we are exposed to on a daily basis, rule these out first, and then begin to look at ourselves.

    It's so easy to simply say, I have a problem. Explore everything else before you lay blame at the door of your body.
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