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Depression - A pretty big hurdle!

Discussion in 'Depression Forum' started by sylviadon, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. sylviadon

    sylviadon New Member

    Feb 13, 2018
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    Depression is a pretty big hurdle. I am troubled with depression for the last two years and I am under medication. I have been taking Sertraline for these years but there is no change in my condition. I feel depressed all the day long without knowing the exact reason. Sometimes I outburst with anger for even small things. So my kids are afraid to come near me. The most important problem that I am facing is that when I am severely depressed, suicidal thoughts come to my mind. Sometimes I feel like God has abandoned me and I go mourning all the day long. I really want to overcome this hurdle. So my hubby suggested undergoing a depression treatment at a clinic in Aurora. I'm planning to undergo the treatment soon. Is there anyone here who had undergone a depression treatment before? Please share your experience!
  2. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2016
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    Like what type of treatment? Like a physiologist? A mental health doctor?
  3. XmasCarol52

    XmasCarol52 Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2016
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    Hi and welcome to the family/Boy can I ever relate to what you have to say I get angry to over small things sometimes I even get into trouble for it because I live in elderly housing,I am on depakote been for years and as I keep telling all of my doctors it is not working they just wont listen.I do not like yelling but I cannot help it i also have a mood disorder to along with the anxieties.Like you at time I feel like God has abandoned me.Never been to a clinic for depression but I was in one once for a nervous breakdown and I can tell you it was no picnic.It was there where that when I learned I had a mood disorder.Believe me that with depression is the worse.I did take depakote years ago but they had to take me off of it because it made me ill I keep on telling them it didnt work for me 30 years ago and it isn t working for me now.I even had to get blood test to see if it is working the test said it wasnt so why are they still making me take it is beyond me when I go back in March I am going to demand they chance it because I am sick of the yelling crying and oh yes I have had suicidal thoughts too.If you need to talk I am here for you.
  4. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2016
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    What kind of treatment will it be? Will you be admitted to a hospice or have treatment like an outpatient? In a hospice, you will be looked after and given your meds and taken to your therapy. They would look after you daily and hourly. If you are an outpatient you will go perhaps once per week for therapy.

    Either way, it will take time and therapy is difficult. Once you start hitting the hidden areas of your mind you may feel a bit worse before you start getting better. Stay strong and know that you are not alone. You can come on here and talk whenever and whatever you need to.

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