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  1. F

    Lhermitte's Sign?

    So for maybe anyone who has experienced or know someone who has experienced this particular symptom. I'm curious because I've experienced something kinda similar? But I don't know for sure if it is.. On the right side of my neck from time to time (Really spaced out, it happens truly once every...
  2. jerseyjolokia

    Strange head rush almost blackout feeling

    Hi everyone - I'm new here. I've posted this on other sites to try and get answers, so now I'm trying others to see if I can find anyone else who can identify. I am a 38/m, 5'11, 155 lbs, Caucasian, non-smoker (use an e-cig), no alcohol or drugs. This has been happening for about two months...
  3. Sweed1

    When A Good Friend Dies

    Over this past weekend one of my best friend's died. It was a freak accident that happened out of the blue. One minute he was fine and the next minute he had fallen and hit his head on rock. I am still in shock. I am depressed and sad, lost and confused by it all. His family does not know why he...