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physical symptoms

  1. F

    What sort of Physical Symptoms do you get?

    We all know Panic attacks and Anxiety disorders affect us in different ways, but I'm curious to know what are some of the physical symptoms do you guys get during the attacks? For example, A couple of big ones for me: -I feel like my movements get more rigid and stiff almost like my body...
  2. J

    Anxiety or seizure signs?

    ive been on escotalopram 20mg for nearly 6 months now. back story is i never noticed i had anxiety until one incident pushed me over the edge and threw my chemicals off according to the doctor. on a regular basis this medication helps with anxiety. i still live daily with the tingles and anxious...
  3. C

    Hello Community- Panic attacks and Anxiety with severe symptoms

    Hello, I am a 57 year old father of 4 and in good shape living the dream in California. I recently have been suffering with Panic attacks that resulted in an Emergency visit where they did several tests. Irregular EKG with normal blood work. After ER visit I went to my primary and had...
  4. Trikay12113

    Anxiety physical symptoms, freaking me out before bed!

    My chest feels weird, my heart is racing, I’m nauseous, my head & eyes feel weird and I’m hot & sweaty. It’s all freaking me out and this is how my anxiety gets triggered by this kind of stuff happening. I went and looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked pale so it went down hill...