What Do You Do To Calm Down When You're Angry Or Very Irritated?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sidney, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. XmasCarol52

    XmasCarol52 Active Member

    For me it is hard since I have a problem with anger and yelling myself but sometimes I can control it and other times I cannot,sometimes I will knit or crochet and sing I love to sing. Sometimes when I feel like yelling I just hum the words out. I wish I knew how to control it because sometimes it has gotten me into trouble here where i live. I dont think they understand mental illness to well here.Mine is from a bad fall I had plus it doesn'tt help that i have depression along with bipolar,anxieties to of course.I wish I knew how to get rid of it I am on meds sometimes they work and other times no. There are times when I cannot sleep and other times I sleep all night .Most of the time I only get like 3-5 hours so I have to nap if I can during the day.. I also try to think of things I love like the beach walking in the sand and the water.
  2. AngelaMc

    AngelaMc Member

    Usually if I'm very angry/irritated I try to remove myself from the trigger. I find walking is my cure, so I leave immediately and take a brisk walk and I normally start to feel better. I also try to think of something else, like a happy thought to cloud the image of what made me mad to begin with. This usually works for me.:rolleyes:
  3. XmasCarol52

    XmasCarol52 Active Member

    sometimes when I get angry I cannot understand why.Sometimes I just lose it,if it gets to be really bad I yell ya but i try to do is either sing or hum if i can it sure is better for my health then yelling,Usually what triggers it off is tech problems i know nothing about fixing things and when i do i get very upset and nervous thus the anger and frustration builds up,I get so nervous and anxious very easily now when it gets nicer out I will be going to sit outside again and you know what last year when i felt like yelling and I went outside the yelling was not there i felt fine,to bad they cannot bottle the weather,
  4. Jaakko.Salminen

    Jaakko.Salminen New Member

    When I'm completely flustered and feel that stress and anxiety is making me unable to communicate with my loved ones, do my job and take care of things. I feel like i'm losing control of my self and falling inside negative emotions with no way out. I have found relaxation videos help me relax and center myself. I have been using these a couple of years now and I know that these videos don't help everybody but theres no harm in trying it right? Here is a link to one video I have been using lately.
  5. Decentlady

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    Ah this is so correct thread to read on. I am very short tempered and I have to calm down with real great efforts when I am irritated.

    I tried controlling my anger with laughing off, counting up to 10 backwards, deep breathing and so on but nothing really worked for me.

    Then I adopted a very arrogant way to calm down. It is really very egoistic way and I know it but it helps me so I use it. Whenever I get angry at someone, I just think in my head, is he/she even worth my anger and I automatically smile.

    Obviously I know in my head that I am not any better than most people and I respect them equally but I just see them as ignorant at THAT particular moment and it helps me.
  6. MeowsePad

    MeowsePad Junior Member

    I usually try to say as little as possible when I am feeling angry because I know that anything I say will make me feel bad later. I try to remove myself from the situation that is making me feel angry as soon as possible as well so that I can work through it in private. I find that I usually feel guilty if I let my anger affect how I deal with other people.
  7. AnxietyMuffins

    AnxietyMuffins New Member

    I cry.

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  8. Snapdragon

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    Sometimes writing an angry letter to the person who upset me helps. I never send it to them, but it gives me the chance to vent out all the frustration I have with them.

    If I can't get away from the situation, well, I go in to fight or flight, often with poor results. I'm still working on that one.

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