Has there been studies that show some people commit suicide because of Anxiety?

Discussion in 'Social Anxiety Disorder' started by hades_leae, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. hades_leae

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    I have never heard of such a story in my past before, but I was wondering if there were some people out there who suffered from Anxiety, and I'm not talking about just being depressed, or being embarrassed to the point of having suicidal thought.

    I'm asking if there were people who really suffered from Social anxiety, or some other form to the point that they claimed their own lives, can it get that serious?
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  2. janemariesayed

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    For sure it can get that serious. I suffer from social anxiety and feel like I am under a house arrest! It doesn't help with my depression at all, it just makes it worse. I try my best not to think about it. I can understand how someone must feel to comprehend that they may never have a great social life ever again.

    It is like having a disability. It is a disability of sorts as we are prevented from doing normal activity from something that is happening to us physically.

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